1. It is my opinion that the combat exclusion policy actually increases the risk of sexual harassment by making it clear to infantry troops that female personnel are not considered full soldiers. It institutionalizes women’s status as second-class citizens within the military.
    — Former Army Sergeant Kayla Williams dropped a lot of wisdom in an NPR interview earlier this week. You should go read/listen to what she had to say. (via thepoliticalnotebook)
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(via Infographic: CONDOMS Facts & Myths – Healthy Times Blog)

Polyurethane and Lamb condoms don’t stop the transmission HIV?  Is this true?
Take note, followers!!
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    (via Infographic: CONDOMS Facts & Myths – Healthy Times Blog)

    Polyurethane and Lamb condoms don’t stop the transmission HIV?  Is this true?

    Take note, followers!!

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  3. It’s OK to be unsure, nervous or even scared of relationships. It’s OK to feel vulnerable. And it’s definitely OK to ask for help or advice. After all, most guys—and girls for that matter—don’t have it all figured out.
    — Sex, Etc. staff writer Luisa, 15, writes about H.U.S.H.—a guide to relationships for guys who like girls. (via sexetc)
  4. Slut-Shaming: A Small Facet to the Bigger Picture of “Sex-Shaming”


    I would like to start off by saying I rarely use the term “slut-shaming.” Here’s a couple reasons why: 

    • Not every person who has sex and enjoys it has reclaimed the word “slut.” It assumes everyone is comfortable with referring to themselves as such, but that’s not true. 
    • People have negative connotations with the word “slut,” which makes them less receptacle to accepting “slut-shaming” as a bad thing. Yes, this point coddles people who are ignorant and generally controlling when it comes to people’s sex lives, but it’s true. People are more willing to admit they are shaming a person for sex if they are shaming a person who’s a “slut.” 
    • “Slut-shaming” only encompass one aspect of the sexual spectrum. The cis female hetero side. There is a whole wide range of sexuality and sex habits that get bashed and shamed; this is only representative of one. 

    This is why I like and use the term “sex-shaming.” “Slut-shaming” only provides a narrow view of a bigger but equally perpetuated problem, that problem being narrow mindedness about sex. 

    From what I’ve observed, people who “slut-shame” do not just shame women who have lots of sex; there are usually other “unacceptable” sexual acts that they shame. Here’s some that I’ve noticed on Tumblr and out and about in “real life:”

    • Teen sex*
    • Homosexual sex
    • Premarital sex*
    • Sex between legally married homosexual couples
    • Sex not for procreation* 
    • Sex that is not “vanilla”*
    • Anal sex*
    • Sex with multiple partners* 
    • Sex with multiple partners at once*
    • Oral sex* 
    • Sex resulting in unwanted pregnancy, which may or may not result in abortion*
    • Sex resulting in multiple unwanted pregnancies, which may or may not result in multiple abortions*
    • Sex without protection*
    • Sex with protection*

    * indicates that this category is applicable to any gender identity and any sexual preference. 

    When I see someone who “slut-shames,” I see extra reasons behind the shaming, like the ones listed above. It’s not just female sex (though it is attacked more often, and I can see where that leads to the term in question) but there is so much more to “slut-shaming” then what is discussed.

    It is often rooted deeply in a misguided moral compass, which points to ONE type of sex as being “acceptable,” and anything outside of that specific set of qualifications is deemed “unacceptable.” Normal sex between a married, heterosexual couple for the means of procreation is what is set as the “acceptable” parameters for sex. People who sex shame often shame people who are not married, not intending to create children, and usually do not accept any kind of sexual relationship between homosexuals. This opens multiple categories of sexual experiences to be shamed or deemed “immoral,” and there’s usually a combination of two or more included in the reasoning behind why a person is shaming sex. 

    Slut-shaming is definitely a problem, one that we on Tumblr and in life should be and usually are willing to address. Women should not be shamed just because we like and have sex. But in addressing the evils of slut-shaming, we cannot forget the evils of the shaming of sex in general, and the harmful nature of the way that it is perpetuated in everyday life; no one should be shamed because like and have sex. 

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    Sexed-Up Starfire Doesn’t Sit Well with 7-Year-Old Fan


    This is amazing. Def check out the whole thing

    Starfire is her favorite hero.

    So today I showed her your rebooted Starfire. She is not happy with you, DC. Here’s what she has to say.

    Why do you like Starfire?

    She’s like me. She’s an alien new to the planet and maybe she doesn’t always say the right thing, or know the right thing to do. But she’s a good friend, and she helps people. She’s strong enough to fight the bad guys, even when they hurt her. Even her sister tried to kill her, but Starfire still fights for the good side. And she helps the other heroes, like Superboy and Robin and Raven.

    She’s smart too. And sometimes she gets mad, but that’s okay because it’s okay to get mad when people are being mean. And she’s pretty.

    What do you think about her costume (below) in the Teen Titans comic book (2003-2008)?

    Well, she’s a grown up in that picture, not like in the Teen Titans cartoon, so if you’re a grown up and you want to wear something like that you can. It’s okay.

    Tell me about the Starfire in the picture.

    That’s where she’s starting the Teen Titans again. She’s helping the kids learn how to use their power and not be as sad because their friends died. She even protects them from grownups who want to tell them what to do.

    Does that outfit make her pretty?

    Well, no. It shows lots of her boobs though.

    What does make her pretty?

    Her long, pretty hair.

    What about this Starfire? What do you think about her? (Below, from DC’s just-released Red Hood and the Outlaws)

    I can see almost all of her boobs.


    Well she is on the beach in her bikini. But…


    But, she’s not relaxing or swimming. She’s just posing a lot. [My daughter appears uncomfortable.]

    Read More

  6. You should never feel like you’ve been convinced to have sex, and you should never feel like you’re doing the convincing. You want partners-one-night-stands or long-term relationships-who want to have sex with you as much as you want to have sex with them. The culturally established “no means no” is too low a bar. Only yes means yes. And I’m not talking about an “I guess we could…” or an “I don’t really care….” or an “Only if you really want to….” or a “Might as well…” I’m talking about an enthusiastic, excited, sustained “Yes!” Are those “yesses” less frequent than the non-committal, hesitant “not-nos?” Yeah, they are, but it’s worth it to know that the people you’re fooling around with really want to fool around with you, too.

    Alcohol clouds everyone’s decision-making abilities, but it doesn’t make us deaf. Even at frat row, bar crawls, or crowded house parties, you need to listen for that “Yes!” And you need to be saying it too! If you’re a “Yes!” and your partner is a “Yes!”, then I revert to my original advice: be safe, have fun. Consent is not a traditionally sexy concept, but I absolutely guarantee you that two enthusiastic, excited, sustained “yesses” is what it’s all about.

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DC Slut Walk:
Its not a Crime to be a Women who Likes Sex.  Guess What is?

DC Slut Walk! Some of your lovely FUCs were there!


    DC Slut Walk:

    Its not a Crime to be a Women who Likes Sex.  Guess What is?

    DC Slut Walk! Some of your lovely FUCs were there!